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Dreamlens Vision Therapy


NO Surgery!
NO Spectacles!
NO Contact Lenses!

Ortho K is a way of correcting low to middle short sight. The Dreamlens Ortho K is worn WHILE YOU SLEEP. On waking the lenses are removed and you enjoy normal, crisp, comfortable vision. This eliminates the need for spectacles or contact lenses throughout the day. It is the modern semi -permanent alternative to laser surgery.
Martin Haynes is one of the first optometrists in the country to offer this service, having undergone extensive training and invested in the required optical and internet technology. As with any contact lenses a suitability examination is required.

Ortho K is a completely safe and reversible option. Imagine the freedom of normal UNAIDED VISION, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

Dreamlens Ortho K is a safe and completely reversible option. Imagine the freedom of normal UNAIDED VISION ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!

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