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Hoya Progressive Lenses

Order any MySelf, MyStyle or LifeStyle 3/3i with HVLL coating to receive a FREE second pair of lenses.

Pentax Lenses

Pentax has been renownd for its Cameras and Camera Lenses, but did you know they also make a range of high quality spectacle lenses? Here are some of the lenses that they make and how you can benefit from them….

Introducing the Zeiss Vision Profiler

ZEISS Vision Profiler We are proud to be able to offer you access to the new ZEISS Vision Profiler. By understanding your lifestyle, we can get a much clear picture of your vision profile and which ZEISS lens solution will suit you best. To try the ZEISS Vision...

A touch of fashion for all ages

Introducing FashionChrome activated by Transitions FashionChrome brings you a touch of fashion for all ages. Anywhere they go, Transitions Xtractive lenses are always working to protect your eyes from the brightest sun and harsh artificial light.

The bright mirror collection from Essilor

A vibrant and bright range of mirror lenses celebrating sunlight in tones from amber pinks to deep bronze shades. It's a collection taking inspiration from intense, rough minerals like pyrite. Contact us to find out more or call into our showroom.

Science meets style

Transitions Style Colours A stunning new collection of vibrant colours allowing you to create the perfect combination of frames and lenses. Transitions Style Colours respond to changing light and intelligently adapt from clear to dark and everything in between giving...

Introducing the Road Pilot

Introducing the Essilor Road Pilot and Varilux Road Pilot: An Essilor innovation combining a premium single vision or Varilux lens with a Crizal coating adapted to driving. Minimising the level of reflections helps to maintain our visual acuity throughout the day and...

Varilux X Series the re-invention of near vision

Varilux X Series Varifocals For a generation of wearers with new needs The emergence of new technologies is shaping the way we live, creating new visual needs and challenges. By studying extensively how this new way of life has impact on presbyopes (people with short...

Enjoy the Ride with Hoya EnRoute

As roads become more congested and we spend an increasing amount of time behind the wheel, our eyes are taking the starin. ENRoute lenses are designed specifically for motorists, minimising the stress on the visual system and providing a more relaxed driving...