Varilux® XR series™

The first eye-responsive varifocal lens

We live on the go, hyper connected. With more than 100,000 movements per day our eyes need to do extra efforts to maintain sharpness while we are in motion.

Introducing Varilux® XR series™, the first eye-responsive varifocal lens that provides instant sharpness even in motion.


Perceived instant sharpness at all distances, even in-motion


Felt more reactive and confident when moving


Felt adapted by the first day

For the very first time, a Varilux® lens is designed with behavioral artificial intelligence. Beyond prescription and eye physiology the design now considers visual behavior, a prerequisite for fast and precise eye movements. More than 1 million data from exclusive research, wearer test in real-life, wearer behavioral and postural measurements in store were computed and analysed. Therefore, for every single wearer prescription, the visual behaviour profile is predicted to design a varifocal lens that respects the natural eye movements.

 The XR-motion™ technology allows to optimise both lenses according to the visual behaviour profile of the patient through two major optimisations :

• Taking binocular vision to the next level
• Precise positioning of the focus zones

A new criterion, named volume of broadband vision, calculates the 3D area where the wearer can benefit from a highly sharp vision on any visual target, even while moving, with a seamless ocular navigation between 30cm and infinity.

+49% volume of broadband vision vs Varilux® X series™ lens.